Client: ONEOK Location: Mont Belvieu, TX Scope: The scope includes the fabrication and installation of one meter skid, fabrication and installation of 1,200 LF of 6″ Pipe, and make two tie-ins inside an existing facility. Summit’s scope of work includes all material, labor, and equipment. The MB4 EP Connect Project will allow for the new […]

Client: EPIC Midstream Location: Robstown, TX Scope: The scope includes the installation of pipe, pipe supports, valves, underground piping, Meter Skids, foundations, sump tank and associated equipment.  

Client: Plains All American Location: Wink, TX Scope: The scope includes the installation of 36” ANSI 600 Launcher, 24” ANSI 600 Receiver, six (6) meter skids, four (4) 10,000-HP pipeline pumps, a stationary prover, two (2) station sumps with pumps, Medium and Low Voltage transformers and a PDC Building.

Client: Phillips 66 Location: Three Rivers, TX Scope: Summit will handle the construction required to install large mainline booster pumps, can pumps with the tank farm, pipe racks, short run underground pipeline and all other major and ancillary equipment.  This includes all sitework, civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation work.  This is a major […]

Client: Epic Midstream Location: Orla, TX Scope: Summit will handle the construction of major concrete foundations including (2) vertical can pump foundations, (2) mainline pump foundations, meter skid, and prover foundations.  Also included are drilled piers for (6) LACT Skids, (1) electrical building, and pipe support and cable tray foundations.  

Sweeny Mid-Point Pump Station Client: Phillips 66 Location: Sweeny, TX Scope: Summit will handle turnkey all material, labor and equipment to build the Sweeny Midpoint Pump Station as it connects with multiple Gray Oak Pipeline segments. The Sweeny Midpoint facility consists of multiple large crude oil mainline pumps with electric driven motors, interconnecting piping, power […]

Splitter Hot Oil Replacement Project Client: Enterprise Products Location: Mont Belvieu, TX Scope: The scope includes replacement/installation of structural steel pipe rack and piping along with misc. electrical & instrumentation work.  

Conoco Expansion Project Phase 1B Client: Enterprise Products Location: Kennedy & Yorktown, TX Scope:CGP-71 will require the addition of a 2nd 600HP gas driven pipeline pump to be installed in parallel to the existing 600HP pump. CGP-72 modifications include installing a 400HP transfer pump to move additional flow from CGP-72 to CGP-71. Also add 2nd […]

iBOL Purification Client: Enterprise Products Location: Pasadena, TX Scope: Detailed Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services for the installation of all civil, piping, mechanical, and electrical work associated with the IBOL Purification Upgrade/Turnaround project.  The work is to be completed during a planned shutdown at the facility.

Ethylene Export Project Client: Enterprise Products Location: La Porte, TX Scope: Installation of critical piping upgrades for the facility with the scope of work to include fast tracked procurement and installation of piping system to allow operations to re-route product.