Summit Industrial has extensive experience installing a wide range of industrial piping systems used in a variety of manufacturing and production facilities. We have installed systems in copper, carbon steel, plastics, fiberglass and even high purity stainless steel tubing. Our ability to offer design-assist, detailed design & engineering, pre-fabrication, installation and commissioning services allow us to provide a turnkey solution to any facility’s needs. Our experience in the hydrocarbons, chemicals, and power markets employing certified welders, utilizing trained craftsmen, performing to high quality standards, all while working in extremely restrictive environments has embedded in our team the discipline needed to be successful in any market. Our commitment to quality and employing experienced staff have allowed us to meet the expectations of every customer, no matter what the facility’s restrictions would be.

Our ability to provide full EPC services and direct hire the following trades—civil/concrete, structural steel erection, mechanical/process piping, rigging/equipment setting, millwright services, and instrumentation and electrical allow us to take full responsibility of our work and providing customers with a true single source responsibility.


  • • Semiconductor facilities, working in cleanrooms ranging up to Class 1
  • • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and research facilities
  • • Biological laboratiories (BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3, BSL-4)
  • • Semiconductor facilities, working in cleanrooms ranging up to Class 1
  • • Working in HPM rooms, subfabs, cleanrooms, fan decks and central plants
  • • Specialized acid waste systems and wastewater treatment facilities
  • • Specialized RO/DI and WFI water systems

Services Includes:

  • • Detailed design & engineering and production of construction documents
  • • Design-Assist
  • • Rigging/equipment setting and assembly
  • • Piping of various systems in a wide range of material types
  • • Setting gas cabinets, installing specialty piping and exhaust systems
  • • MIG, TIG and Orbital welding
  • • Installing inert, corrosive, flammable, explosive and pyrophoric gas systems
  • • IR welding of single and dual contained plastic piping systems.
  • • Installing pfa tubing in secondary containments
  • • Leak detection cabling and life safety systems
  • • Heat, Acid and Ammonia exhaust systems
  • • Specialty electrical fabrication (panels, buildings, and skids)