September 23rd, 2019 by Summit Industrial

What a special way to celebrate your 8th birthday!  Kage Hatch was turning 8 years old, unfortunately the plans of his party took a turn when his dad, Jarome Hatch, a Site Manager for Summit, had to work late. Jarome called his wife, Nikki, who also works for Summit as an HR Coordinator, and explained that even though it was a critical time of the job they could all gather around and sing him “Happy Birthday!”  Nikki blindfolded Kage and drove him to the East Gate Pump Station with cake and ice cream sandwiches for the jobsite.  Imagine Kage’s surprise when he was greeted by dad and his team singing “Happy Birthday!”  We thank our client for allowing us to make this an even more special day for Kage. We want to recognize Jarome and Nikki Hatch for their dedication to our company, to each other and to their family.

Jarome Hatch is Summit’s Site Manager for the for Enterprise Texas Express, East Gate Pump Station Project.  Nikki Swanson works in Summit’s Hiring Office as an HR Coordinator.