Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)


“Safety is embodied in our culture. There is nothing more important to this company than all of our employees returning home safely at the end of each day.”

W. Jeff Johnson, President and CEO


 Our commitment to health, safety, and the environment is integrated into everything that we do.

At Summit Industrial we understand that our people are our most important resource and that employee health and safety is critical to the company’s success. This commitment to health, safety, and the environment is cohesive with Summit Industrial’s core values. Summit Industrial is an industry leader in safety, health, and the environment.  We believe that every incident is preventable and we will settle for nothing less than a zero incident culture.  Our safety record is world-class, having completed over 2 million direct-hire man-hours since our last recordable in August, 2018; holding a TRIR and LTIR of 0.00.

Our core values embody our company’s HSE culture:

• Summit Industrial’s HSE culture is driven from our CEO down to the craft worker.
• Summit Industrial’s HSE objectives are given equal value with production and quality.
• Our commitment to employee health and safety is a value that can never be compromised.
• Our HSE program is employee driven and dependent upon employee participation and involvement.

Summit Industrial’s commitment to employee well being is summarized with the three things that we stress daily with all employees:

• We do it safely or not at all.
• There is always time to perform a job safely and at a high standard with respect to quality.
• Every Summit Industrial employee has Stop Work Authority (SWA). We emphasize this philosophy through training and constant reinforcement with our employees. We want every employee to feel 100% safe when they perform work on our projects.

The five most important keys to our success are:

• Total Management Commitment
• Pre-planning
• Training
• Employee Involvement
• Accountability


Summit Industrial’s Safety Awards


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2020 Diamond STEP Award

2019 Platinum STEP Award

2018 Platinum STEP Award 


2017 Diamond STEP Award